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Take the first step towards a new life for you and your children when you schedule a consultation with our divorce lawyer in New York, NY. With so much at stake, you need a litigator with a detailed understanding of the relevant statutes and an aggressive approach to negotiations. Dividing your lives can prove to be a daunting task with so much to consider.

Negotiating an agreement that is in the best interests of everyone involved begins with a call to the office of Bernard Rothman, Esq. Our team of lawyers is ready to review your case and start planning for a trial if negotiations break down. We do everything we can to come to an agreement with your spouse on all matters that are important to both of you.

When negotiations break down, you need a legal team that has planned for every eventuality. The laws pertaining to the dissolution of a marriage can seem like a tangled and confusing mess for anyone in need of a divorce. Our lawyers have a track record of success when it comes to resolving divorce disputes in court. See what they can accomplish for you when you set up a time for a comprehensive consultation.

A Legal Practice Centered on Divorce

Make the call to our office when you believe separation from your spouse is imminent. It is essential to start planning right away for a broad array of arrangements. Dividing a family estate can often include jointly-held businesses, properties, and the children you have raised. Each of these aspects of your life must be resolved through a legal agreement or a trial in court.

Our practice is there for you during the initial negotiations, the trial in court, and for any proceeding involving a divorce agreement modification. We negotiate these agreements, and we ensure they are adhered to after the dissolution is finalized.

Rigorous Legal Representation

We focus on the details of the agreement because we understand that life can change at a moment’s notice. When a spouse decides to violate the terms of your custody agreement or stops paying the child support you both agreed to, our team is ready to use whatever enforcement tools are available through the courts.

Talk to our team about the unique parameters of your case, and learn what we can do to resolve your dispute. Understanding the differences between child support enforcement and income execution can make a big difference in your quality of life in the aftermath of a divorce. Start a conversation with our lawyers about your case today when you contact our office.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our divorce lawyer. We proudly represent clients in New York City and those in nearby Westchester, Putnam, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties in New York.


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